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Everyone has questions .........
The fascinating, and some times perplexing, world of the spirituality of today is racing across the country like wild fire. Everywhere, people just like you are waking up to a new understanding of their world and bringing with that many questions and wonderings about this new and exciting terrain.

That's where I come in.

For the past nine years it's been my single minded focus to  undersant and map this exciting, and expansive, aspect of my experience.

Through out that time, I must say, I've amassed a large storehouse of information, understanding, and techniques for navigating both the theory and philosphy but also taking that understanding and applying it in my real world experience.

I now offer you the opportunity, and/or challenge of forwarding your own questions, thoughts, or frustrations to me. I'm sure you're aware if you have the question, there are a whole host of others ready to join you in discovering the answering.

That is what I'll do my very best to do.

Spirituality Today Radio, is just that, how we can take the expansive world of spirituality and render it down to practical, powerful steps we can use every day.

What are your questions?
What are your wonderings?
What are your challenges?
What are you're frustrations?

Use the form below to send them my way and I'll share my thoughts on my upcoming radio programs.
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