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When you click on the submit registration button you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to forward your tuition via secure credit card processing. If you wish to forward your tuition in a different manner email and we forwward details to help you.
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IMPORTANT: Your spot in the workshop will be confirmed after we have received your tuition.
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Reiki Certification Level 1 and 2
Student Registration Form
And now all the "fine print" stuff

And now for the fine print. At first glance it may seem a bit onerous however this is a standard clause that's included in all our retreat registrations so covers not only the weekend retreats but also the global excursions. In essence it states that you are accountable for your safety and to act responsible during the weekend.
Cancellation Terms (Registrant) : Cancellations must be made in writing either through postal mail or email. WE WILL contact you as soon as we receive your notice so if you have not heard from us with in a reasonable amount of time after submitting your request please follow up to ensure we received it.
Cancellations received prior to 30 days of the event will be returned by money order sent through registered mail less a $100.00 handling charge.
Cancellations received prior to 15 days of the event will have a credit applied to their account, which may be used towards an upcoming retreat, or other services offered by The Healing Center. The Healing Center will make every reasonable effort to work with you to attend another retreat of this nature however cannot guarantee this to be so. This credit will be held until used through other services or 6 months from the retreat date, which ever comes first. If the credit is not used in either of the manners stated above it will be forfeited.
Cancellations received within 15 days of the event will have their tuition forfeited.
Cancellation Terms (The Healing Center) :The Healing Center and Reiki Retreats International reserve the right to cancel the course at any time and if so will return all registration monies through a money order sent via registered mail.
By selecting YES in the signature box below you affirm that you have read and completely understand the information and conditions stated above, and agree to all contents herein. Flyer correct at time of printing and subject to change.