Now is the time to stand and remember.

Remember where you came from.

Remember what you came through.

Remember what brought your here.

The spark that caused you to remember.

To remember who you really are.
Where do I go from here?
Then to look ahead.

At what lay before you.

What path will your life
take from  here?

What direction?

What adventures?

What challenges?

What victories?
Class times and venue
Classes run from 10AM till 4:30PM with a one hour break for lunch.

Classes take place at: (please note, we've changed the venue to the one listed below. Our previous one unfortunately hasn't been able to complete the repairs from the damage the hurricane caused in September)

Maria Mar Suites at Calle Marea Alta N.1 Col Costa Azul,
23406 San Josť del Cabo

As always our class size will be very small (no more than 6 students) and while we be sure to cover the Reiki course curriculum, considering the energetically charged location, you never know what "interesting" twists and turns we'll blend in to make your experience the best it can be!
Reiki Master/Teacher Level Workshop

Two days of rememberance, change, and transformation
Full color manuals
Small, intimate classes sizes

Tuition: $577.00

(Canadian students tuition will have GST added to the above tuition)
Click Here to Register   1-888-584-5478
The answers to those questions are not for you to know.
They are for you to create.
Tuition does NOT included meals and accomodations.