Reiki as a Life Style of Freedom
There are two basic treatment methods we use. Both are designed to make subtle changes in the energy in your body to solicit changes in the physical. Although this is a very subtle treatment the effects can often be profound.

REIKI (Ray-Key)
Reiki was developed in Japan in 1865. It wasn’t until 1980 that the technique spread to North America. The treatment involves lightly placing our hands in a variety of positions on, or above, your body.  You will often feel temperature fluctuations and/or tingling sensations during the treatment. You will also, pretty much without fail, feel very relaxed during and after the treatment.

Quantum Healing is a relatively new technique developed in the last twenty years or so. The treatment method is the same as with a Reiki session. It flows synergistically with Reiki and greatly enhances the healing effects of Reiki. During every session we use both techniques interchangeably.

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