A Layperson's Tour of Reiki

Reiki is one of the many, energetic healing modalities, that interact with the variety of energy fields present in our bodies to bring about balance and a healthfull state of being. Physically, Emotionally, and Energetically.

It is not a cure for diseases, afflications, etc but enhances our existing healing and restorative abilities that each of us natural have residing in our bodies and minds.

With Reiki the "client" is the one who does the healing, the practitioner simply creates an environment and acts as a catylst.

The history of Reiki and it's founder Dr. Mikao Usiui
Informational Videos                                  The Health Files - What is Reiki?
The philosphy behind Reiki and energy healing modalities in general.
Video Q&A
A variety of video clips answering many common questions around Reiki and other energy healing modalities.
The following are a selection of websites containing information and videos of topics typical associated with Reiki.

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